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A double chin is an unsightly buildup of fat under the chin that forms a layer, in other cases as we age the muscles under the chin & neck area become loose and the skin on top starts to sag, thus giving an illusion of a double chin. Because this layer of fat sits directly beneath the chin, it gives the appearance of a second chin, which is known as the double chin. One of the factors that contribute to the development of a double chin is genetics or hereditary factors. If you have a double chin, look through your family tree to see if anyone on your parent’s side of the family has one. Just like you exercise the muscles of your body, if you start to exercise the muscles of your face you will not only get rid of your double chin but also have a more sculpted jawline. Here are some exercises by Vibhuti Arora, Face yoga expert & co-founder, FaceYoga School and House of Beauty.

Invert Tongue

This is a great overall exercise for jaw toning and double chin reduction.
Roll your tongue and touch it to the roof of your mouth
Now look up to the ceiling and hold.
Hold to the count of 20.
Repeat 3 times.

Jowl Shaper (HOB Signature)

“This exercise is an extension of the double chin punch, it focuses on firming jowls, loose skin under the chin, tightening your neck, giving definition to your jaw,” says Arora.
● In this exercise place one elbow on the base of your other hand and make a fist place it under your jaw.
● Now while applying equal and opposite pressure move your lower jaw up and down.
● Perform this up and down jaw movement to the count of 20.
Pro Tip
A Pro tip here would be to tilt your neck backwards and start to look towards the ceiling while still pushing with the opposite pressure of your fist.

Air Kisses

According to Arora, “This is a super powerful, great exercise for burning that jawline fat that also gives you a beautiful pout.”
● Start this exercise by pouting your lips 70%.
● Tilting your head and looking upwards at the ceiling, you can close your eyes for this exercise.
● Imagine your lover’s face on the ceiling and start to air kiss or blow out air towards the ceiling to the count of 20.
● Try pouting and reaching your lips as high up in the air as possible, the higher you strive the better the burn.
● You could do 3 repetitions of 20 of this exercise.

Chin Lifts

Sit or stand up straight and slowly open your mouth as wide as you can.
Tilt your head back and look up toward the ceiling.
Pucker your lips as if you’re trying to kiss the ceiling.
Hold for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.
This exercise helps tone the muscles in the chin and neck area, promoting a more defined jawline and reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Jaw Destressor

Make a hook of your index finger, place your thumb under the jaw
Massage the jaw in firm circles from center of your chin to ear lobe
Do this 6/9 times
Repeat on the other side.

Does Face yoga really work? Is there an evidence?

According to a study by Jama Dermatology & Northwestern University Institutional Review Board, facial exercises and Face yoga works. Face yoga is a lifestyle change, it’s the amalgamation of facial cardio, facial stretching, face yoga poses followed by a systematic breath workout to cool down these facial muscles. These exercises can tone the faces naturally, non-invasively by a short 5 minute home routine.

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