Rita Ora shares the 6 health and fitness tips she swears by

If you’re one of Rita Ora’s 16.1 million followers (caj), you’ll know she’s big into her fitness. If she’s not training with Rebel Wilson’s PT Jono Castano, she’s sharing vids of herself crushing a reformer Pilates class. Either way, she’s one of *those* people who makes it look easy. Add to that the fact that her packed schedule makes ours look like we lead a life of leisure, and we were keen to find out her secrets which, turns out, she was very willing to share. Here’s everything she does to stay as fit and strong as she can.

1. She makes exercise easy

If there’s one thing that’s going to help you stay consistent, it’s making your workouts as readily accessible as possible. For Rita, that means taking her home gym equipment with her, wherever she goes. ‘I always travel with 1KG and 2KG dumbbells, ankle weights, and a medium resistance band,’ she tells WH. ‘If I can’t do a workout, I just use the ankle weights and wear them when we’re around town, or at home.’

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She’s also just announced the launch of her (stunning) new activewear line, Humans Being, which no doubt helps when it comes to finding the motivation to workout.

2. She’s consistent, but she doesn’t overdo it

Her regular post-workout Insta pics are proof that Rita gets frequent fitness fixes, but she knows there’s a fine line between exercising for enjoyment and overdoing it, telling WH that she works out a maximum of ‘four times a week’. Rest days are everything, people; between encouraging muscle growth and helping you stay motivated, there’s plenty of science to corroborate the fact that they will work in your favour. Now you’ve got Rita’s word, too.

Check out our guide on rest days, including what they’re good for, how to know when to take them, and how often to incorporate them.

3. She mixes up her workouts

‘I might go to the gym three times a week, and then I’ll definitely do a Pilates class, so it’s not always weights,’ she says. It’s about finding what suits you, what you enjoy, and switching up your routine whenever you fancy. You may well do three runs one week, then decide you couldn’t think of anything worse the next, and that’s totally fine.

4. She knows that fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all model

During our chat, Rita is keen to clarify that what works for her, may not work for you. ‘I can only speak for myself,’ she says. ‘This is not me telling everyone, “I’m the new health guru and I know everything”, because I don’t. This is just what has been working for me.’ You heard the woman.

5. She goes hard on hydration

When asked what has made the biggest difference to her fitness routine, Rita says, ‘So what has a made a drastic difference over the last three or four months is that I’ve been drinking a litre and a half, maybe two litres of water a day.’ See. Water really is the elixir of life.

6. She adapts her nutrition to suit her

Over the years, Rita has worked out what meal sizes suit her body best. Now, she says, ‘I have a light breakfast, a substantial lunch, and then a light dinner.’ Remember: Rita’s body is entirely different to yours, and how she structures her mealtimes may not suit yours.

BRB, off to buy some ankle weights.

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