Podcast #905: Become a Morning Workout Person

Working out at any time of day is great. But my guest says there are distinct benefits to doing it in the a.m., and he’s going to walk you through everything you need to know, from mindset to habits, to become a morning workout person.

Anthony Arvanitakis is a bodyweight training coach and the author of The 7 A.M. Workout Edge: Wake Up, Work Out, Own the Day. Today on the show, he offers concrete tips for overcoming the challenges of working out in the morning, from getting out of bed to finding the time to do it before work, including his “Brain Start-Up Routine” for shaking off the just-woken-up inertia to get going. In the latter part of the show, Anthony details how to do a highly effective at-home bodyweight workout that can easily fit into your morning routine and requires minimal equipment and only 30 minutes. We also talk about how to combine bodyweight training with cardio to do something he calls “cardiosthenics” that’s great for fat loss.

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