Nicole Scherzinger exercise routine: Her top 7 tips

If you’re one of Nicole Scherzinger’s 5.4million followers, you’ll know she’s no stranger to a workout video. For those of you who’ve watched them, you’ll also know that, at 44, she’s looking stronger and fitter than ever. Take this reel she recently shared of herself enjoying a holiday in Hawaii: from her arms to her core and legs, she’s looking so toned.

nicole scherzinger exercise routine
nicole scherzinger exercise routine

So, what might surprise you is that while she ‘never took a day off’ when she was part of the Pussycat Dolls, her exercise approach is now less go-hard-or-go-home and more balance-is-best. We caught up with her for the full 411.

1.Her workout sessions are 30-45 minutes long

‘Everything in moderation. You don’t have to kill yourself. When I was part of the Pussycat Dolls, I used to think you had to work out for three or four hours a day, but you don’t. It’s about doing 20, 30 or 40 minutes. I usually do 30 or 45 minute workouts, and it’s about being smart with that time – doing what works for you.’

2. She switches up her workouts to keep things interesting

‘One thing I always do is to change up my workouts. I’m always doing something new.’

3. She sees the best results from HIIT training

‘I’ve noticed that as I’ve got older, HIIT workouts are more impactful for results. I’ll run for a few minutes, then do a weights interval. HIIT training gives me really good results when I combine weights with running on the treadmill, or another form of cardio.’

4. She trains three times a week

‘When I was in the Pussycat Dolls, training was all about stamina as we were always on tour or filming music videos. I don’t think I ever took a day off and used to train seven days a week, but now I have a lot more balance in my life. I’ll train three days a week.’

5. She prioritises sleep

‘Sleep is crucial to results. It really helps with recovery.’

6. She works out in the morning

‘Before I do anything, I start with a 20-minute meditation and prayer. Then I make my bed, go downstairs and have my Kangen alkaline water. Then I work out, either with my trainer, or on the Stairmaster machine.’

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‘I always have a coffee before putting my workout clothes on.’

Get it, Nic.

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