Moving Mind Study | Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center

Study Overview

The Moving Minds study is examining how body composition, diet, and exercise affects brain function in 9-11 year olds. There are up to 3 visits.

Study Eligibility

Right-handed, healthy, 9-11 year olds, most weight status

Study Requirements

At the first visit we will ask medical history questions and measure your child’s height, weight, vision, and hearing. We will also do a body composition measurement using the BodPod. We will ask your child to answer questions and perform tasks. The parents will have a few questionnaires to complete regarding the child’s eating habits, sleep, and experiences. Your child will be randomized into one of two groups. Randomized means your child is put into a group by chance, like flipping a coin. Group 1 is the Exercise Group, and Group 2 is the Stretching Group. This visit can take up to 3.5 hours and compensation is $75. We will also ask your child to wear a device that measures their physical activity and sleep on their waist for about a week after the first visit, as well as fill out a diary answering questions about their sleep. Compensation after completion and return of the device is an additional $25.

The second and third visits include asking your child to come after fasting for 2 hours (nothing to eat or drink during that time besides water). If your child is in Group 1, we would perform a fitness test on a treadmill. If your child is in Group 2, we would guide them through stretching exercises. Following the exercise or stretching, we would provide a snack and then take them to our Brain Lab. In the Brain Lab, your child wears a cap that looks like a hair net with a lot of small sponges attached. This allows us to record their brain waves while they answer questions. For the third and final visit, your child will complete whichever exercise (fitness test or stretching) he/she did not complete at the second visit. These visits lasts up to 3.5 hours, and compensation for completing these visits is $100 each.

We would ask that these three visits be completed in about a month time period.

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