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Bodybuilder, powerlifter, and arm wrestler Larry Wheels is a multi-faceted personality and one of the most famous fitness influencers on YouTube. Wheels is known for wrecking his own personal records in the gym. However, most of his strength feats were backed by pharmacological help. The 28-year-old extensively used PEDs to fuel his performance for a very long time.

Wheels chose to stop using steroids after a back injury and underwent a significant physical transformation as a result. The powerlifter has never shied away from admitting steroid use and maintained honesty about his experiences with PEDs. He admitted that steroids helped him achieve insane feats of strength but also caused several health issues.

He feels far better without the abuse and continues creating new gym records. In recent months, he performed a 183.7-kilogram (405-pound) bench press for 22 reps and smoked a 150-pound incline dumbbell press for 25 reps.

Wheels made his amateur bodybuilding debut at the 2018 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic and won the competition in the overall category. He now desires to compete in the Classic Physique division and feels he can beat other competitors without abusing steroids.

Larry Wheels and Joesthetics perform an arm workout

Wheels has been taking bodybuilding and posing lessons from the sport’s veterans and recently partnered with German bodybuilder, influencer, and fitness model Joe Linder aka Joesthetics. The duo trained arms together, discussed PED usage, and Linder gave some interesting posing lessons to Wheels. So let’s take a closer look at the detailed account of this session.

Cable Biceps Curl

Wheels and Linder performed cable biceps curls to build the biceps and did a few sets while discussing different aspects of bodybuilding. Cable machines keep the muscles under tension throughout the movement; hence, they potently induce hypertrophy.

Triceps Rope Pushdown

The duo next took to the triceps rope pushdown to work the triceps and performed a few solid sets that targeted all three triceps heads. Wheels spoke into the camera and marveled at his training partner’s insane diet discipline.

“I was talking to all these IFBB Pros back in the day, and I asked everyone. Everyone told me the same thing — there is no magic pill. The only thing that you can do is burn the fucking calories, bro. If you want to eat them, you have to burn them,” said Jo Linder.

Following this, the bodybuilders proceeded to practice posing.

Overall, the workout included:

Joe Linder speaks about his experience with steroids

As Wheels watched Linder perform the exercise, he pointed out that the latter looked lean but still bigger than the last time they trained together. The 30-year-old stated he is always on a strict diet to get big and lean. There is pharmacological assistance as well. However, it is in a smaller dose than you may imagine.

“For my last show, I took 75 MG of Tren — a week, not a day! A week! So very low dose…” Linder said.

He added:

“I believe that I gained another 5 pounds of muscle during my prep for the show. Because I kind of dieted very slow, and I grew even into the show.”

Linder pushed the diet really hard and also did a lot of cardio. However, he did not get as flat and was able to retain the muscle mass on his frame.

The German bodybuilder said he had stopped steroid use two days before his last show and looks much better even while only on TRT.

Continuing the discussion about his cycle, he stated that he got blood work done after using Tren for three weeks. A surprising thing that he encountered was extremely high estrogen levels. However, Joe believes the tests do not accurately reflect what’s happening in the body while on Tren.

“That’s something that people need to understand. The first few weeks when you take Tren, and you go test your levels, the Tren makes your estrogen level appear high depending upon the testing methods they use…” Linder said.

However, he believes that Tren does not harm the body in any way.

Linder gives Wheels posing lessons

While going through the workouts, Linder and Wheels decided to practice posing. Wheels admitted to being a novice in this area.

“Different physiques, different styles, and we’re about to correct each other with our posing,” Linder said.

He then went on to teach Wheels a few posing basics. The duo started with the front double biceps pose, and Linder said:

“You technically need to know what to do with your legs. When you stand on the stage, you can’t just do this (raise the arms and flex the biceps)… You have o squeeze your legs, hold the tension there…”

While responding to Wheels’ query, he stated that you have to try to separate the floor with your feet. This means you have to try to apply the force with your feet in the opposing direction to create the lines. However, everyone has their own way of creating tension, as he added:

“You have to practice. The way some people do it is with their toes — almost squeeze it together so it gives you the feeling of trying to squeeze your toes together, so you have more tension.”

Linder further stated:

“What personally helped me is when I put my feet a tiny bit apart. So I (duck slightly) because then my quad sweep comes out better.” 

“I stand very narrow because I have shitty hamstrings but good quads,” he concluded.

The posing lessons continued as the partner hit the side chest pose.

“Always when you do poses, you start from the bottom,” Linder said.

“You have your calves, you press it against, then you have your glutes and everything else.”

Wheels admitted that his side chest is his worst pose. Linder taught a few more tricks to Wheels. He also shared a tip for making the side chest stand out.

“You have to squeeze the (visible/front) leg against the knee (of the other leg) so that it creates an illusion (of bigger hamstrings),” Linder added.

Some more tips followed, and the duo wrapped up the posing session after hitting a few more poses.

You can watch the full workout video below, courtesy of Larry Wheels’ YouTube channel:


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