I lost 66 lbs by changing my diet

A FITNESS lover has revealed that she’s lost 66 pounds by changing parts of her diet and developing a workout routine.

She now shares her meals online that she says are meant for “when you are lazy and can’t cook.”

Fitness fan Mia lost 66 lbs by changing her diet and adopting a workout routineCredit: TikTok/miakanti_
She now shares the meals that helped her get there onlineCredit: TikTok/miakanti_

Exercise enthusiast Mia Kanti (@miakanti_) documents her health and fitness journey online as her public diary.

She has lost over 66 pounds with no plans on slowing down her progress.

Much of her weight loss came from not just a strong workout regimen but also a diet that prioritized fat loss.

In a TikTok video, she encouraged viewers to reach out to her for help and work on their goals together.


For most of the video, she showed an old video of herself running on a treadmill as she wore a long-sleeve athletic top and army green bottoms.

The subtitle over her read: “Are you trying to lose weight but don’t know where to start?”

The visual then jumped to show her current and much leaner body with the words, “You have come to the right place!!” written above her.

Many of the meals she shares on her TikTok are meant to be fast and easy to prepare.

She wore a blue tie-dye skirt set that showed off her lean waist.

Then, she showed an old photo of herself around her heaviest weight and explained that she lost over 30kg, which equates to about 66 pounds.

She also mentioned that she posts all of the meals she ate, daily workouts, and wellness tips that helped her get there.

In many of her videos, she tells viewers that she doesn’t track her macros, and calories, and eats high protein before revealing what she ate for the day.

In the video, she ate oats topped with wheat thins, nut butter, and blueberries for breakfast, and snacked on cucumber, cottage cheese, and hummus.

For lunch, she ate a high-protein spicy garlic pizza with shrimp and followed it up with a snack of yogurt and frozen blueberries, and frozen mangos.

Her dinner consisted of seafood tacos on lettuce wraps with tuna, prawns balsamic vinegar, and mayo.

Many people appreciated her body-positive and supportive content.

“Going through some of the recent videos… And don’t explain it how to lose weight… Girl you got this,” a viewer commented.

“Help please!!” another chimed in.

“Good,” another added.

She said many of her meals are for lazy girls who can’t cookCredit: TikTok/miakanti_

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