How to stay hydrated for long runs in hot weather

Whether you should drink until you’re no longer thirsty or use a preestablished drinking plan depends on the length of the run, weather and your goal, experts said.

If your run is over 90 minutes in the heat and you have a competitive performance goal, Benjamin recommended having a plan based on your sweat rate — how much you sweat during physical activity — to determine how much fluid to consume. There are online guides to help you calculate your sweat rate.

For runs shorter in duration, lower in intensity or in a cooler environment, “drinking to thirst is probably going to be good enough for you,” she said.

Having access to water is also important. Plan your route so you know where the water fountains are located. If there aren’t any, bring water with you in a hydration pack or bottle belt, said Tammy Whyte, a running coach based in Chicago. “Even for shorter runs in the summer, if it’s hot or humid, I always have water with me,” she said.

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