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Take your fitness career to the next level

Do you feel overwhelmed with your busy schedule? As personal trainers, fitness instructors or other health and fitness professionals, we’ve all been there! It might seem tough, but it’s important to find the time to work on personal development. By investing a minimal amount of your time and very little money, you will be able to take your health and fitness career to the next level this year.

Learn something new each day

There is a wealth of affordable (and often free) information out there waiting for you. Allow yourself to set aside a small amount of time each day to focus on learning something new. The result? You will continue to grow your health and fitness business without feeling overwhelmed. What exactly do we mean by “small amount of time” one might ask? We’re simply talking about taking 20 minutes before you go to bed to read an article or a chapter from a book. Do you travel often? That would be a great time to listen to your favorite motivational podcast. Here are some great blogs, books and podcasts that we recommend for health and fitness professionals:




Remember, if you are anxious and inspired to take your career to the next level, it will be worth setting aside some time each day to focus on yourself.

Network with other fitness professionals

This may seem counter intuitive to you initially. Why would I want to become friends with the competition? Trust us, it is well worth it. Contact a trainer or coach that you admire and ask them for advice. Join online forums, such as a Facebook group, and interact with other health and fitness entrepreneurs. By socializing with like-minded people, you will become more motivated. You will be able to bounce ideas off one another. And be sure to ask questions if you are stuck or need help! Because more likely than not, someone has been in a similar situation before and may have the very suggestion that solves your problem.

Invest in continuing education

Don’t stop learning after you receive your degree and/or certification. The health and fitness industry is ever evolving. Staying current with trends or learning a new skill set will set you apart and give you the upper hand over the competition. If you are a certified health and fitness professional, you will also need to obtain continuing education hours to maintain your certification – don’t procrastinate with this! It can be easy to put the required hours off until the last few months before the deadline; however, this will not allow you to truly soak up the information and you will more than likely be stressed.

So, where do you begin? Our site offers home-based courses that can be completed on your own time. Start with our free course to see how easy it is. From there, we encourage you to look at our Package Deals if you would like to bundle your hours and save money at the same time!


Overall, it is important to not only grow your business, but also to grow as a person. Continue to increase your knowledge by carving out time daily, networking with others, and investing in your education. Best of all? These things can be accomplished without spending an enormous amount of time or money. We hope this year will be a turning point for you, where your health and fitness business went to the next level — all because you went to the next level.

How will you grow your business in 2016? Please share in the comments below.

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