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Diversify Your Income

Are you are ready to take your personal training business to the next level? You love what you do: working with clients, creating workouts specifically tailored to their needs. However, you know that the only way you are bringing in money is to train each individual person. Essentially, you only get paid when you are with a client.

With the rise and expansion of social media, mixed with new marketing strategies that small and big businesses alike are adopting, there are several different ways for a personal trainer to monetize their knowledge and make money around the clock. Working one on one with a client can be your base income stream, but expanding into affiliate marketing and online training will take you to a whole other level.

1. Become a brand ambassador.

As a personal trainer, you have access to a certain clientele that dozens of companies (local and national) would love to market to. Why not let yourself be a walking advertisement? Reach out to brands or businesses you like and recommend. Explain to them who you are and what demographic you reach. Do you usually train busy moms? Or corporate bosses? Perhaps you have a lot of clients who are senior citizens—-good! There is a company trying to reach the people YOU train. Build a relationship with that company, and see how you can both benefit from it. At first it can be something small such as wearing a shirt around clients that markets their product. Or perhaps simply endorsing the product on social media. But over time, it could grow into profitable passive income with affiliate marketing, which leads us to….

2. Become an affiliate.

If you are a brand ambassador to a company, you can work out an agreement saying that you get paid a certain percent of everything you sell. If you give clients a unique code and they use it to buy a product, you receive a check. There are affiliate programs for almost everything. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the books you read and more. If you are recommending the same product over and over again, look into becoming an affiliate. A note of caution: only recommend products you use and love. You don’t want to recommend mediocre products and lose your clients’ trust. An easy way to get started is to sign up for an Amazon Associates account because you can choose from a huge variety of products. Then place the product links in an email, put them on your website and/or promote them on social media. If someone clicks on the link and purchases ANYTHING within 24 hours, you get a commission on that purchase – even if they didn’t buy the original product you recommended!

3. Incorporate online training.

If you are feeling burnt out trying to train numerous clients in person, you should consider the world of online training. Using a platform like Trainerize, you can easily connect one on one with new clients who want to work with you remotely or the service can be an added feature for your current clients. Interested in hosting a group challenge instead? Check. Looking to incorporate customized meal plans for your clients from registered dietitians? Check. The possibilities are endless and the accountability you can provide to clients is almost the same as working with them in person. With the popularity of health and fitness technology (think FitBit), we predict online training to become the next big thing!

Keep working with your rock star clients one-on-one, but don’t limit yourself. If you are ready to get a little creative and do your research, you’ll find a number of ways to make money around the clock and take your personal training business to the next level.

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